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Our cosmetics

Natural organic vegan

- We are the 1st Spanish brand of organic cosmetics for maternity.

- We are certified by Biovidasana and bio.inspecta. Seals of recognized international rigor.

- Organic cosmetics advocates respect for crops and soils, and green chemistry, where the health and safety of people is prioritized, not generating waste and limiting energy consumption, among other aspects.

- We love and respect animals, thus making a vegan cosmetic, free of animal ingredients or derived from them. And, of course, not tested on animals.

Advanced and proven technology

- The efficacy of our ingredients has been proven by scientific studies.

- Contains innovative, biotechnological and time-release ingredients for an enhanced effect.

- Contains prebiotics and postbiotics for the care and balance of the skin microbiota.

- Its innovative fragrance is 100% natural and allergen-free.

100% toxic free

Our formulas do NOT contain:

Parabens | Phthalates | Silicones | Petroleum derivatives | Sulfates | PEGs | Endocrine disruptors | Other substances harmful to human health or the environment | Allergens | Artificial preservatives | Preservatives

"Effectiveness in a single application"

Our value proposition

Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding | Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin | Natural | Ecological | Vegan | With advanced technology ingredients | With probiotics | With soft textures and fragrances | Toxic-free (no harmful substances, no endocrine disruptors | No allergens | Eco-friendly (No plastics, recyclable/recycled materials) | Sustainable | Not tested on animals | Made in Spain | Made in Spain