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Behind MAMANECÓ there are two hearts passionate about what they do and two restless minds that with their brainstorming created what you are seeing.



During my pregnancies, I had many doubts about skin care. I have a PhD in Biochemistry and I am a fan of science and knowledge. After studying the Master in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetics, it was clear to me that I had to offer moms those products they were demanding and could not find, that would prevent and alleviate their skin conditions to make them feel beautiful and safe at the same time; since above all our products are conscious and respectful with the skin, with the pregnancy process and with the baby's life.

I researched for several years about the process of pregnancy, the skin and its changes during the conception of a life and after giving birth; I also researched about the skin and its care in the baby, publishing "El Cuidado de la Piel del Bebé. Guide for parents" in collaboration with my colleagues from the Faculty of Pharmacy, among other works. 

With all this I obtained those active molecules that I wanted for my formulas, which had proven their efficacy and, at the same time, were extremely safe. Formulas with a philosophy in connection with nature, loving life as well as the planet.

Emilio and I wanted to create something that would be desired, that would have a soul and shine on its own; that would transmit multiple sensations in its formulas and image; something out of place never before created, as is the life of a new being...and so MAMANECÓ was born.